Do you see a charge that you don’t recognize on your credit card?

If you’re seeing one of the following on your credit card statement:

  • Matt Cook 877-691-3328
  • 877-691-3328
  • ThirtyMinutesorMore

…these are Matt Cook charges!

If you’re unsure about the charge, we can resolve the issue within minutes — just fill out the quick form below.

You may wonder why this charge is made…so just fill in the form.

We will tell you what the charge is for, and point you to the receipt and help you get started on your journey.

If you then decide you want a refund, it will be done promptly and cheerfully.

Please do not contact your bank — If you contact your bank, they will delay the refund for a number of weeks…

The bank REQUIRES you to contact us FIRST. Remember, if you want a refund, we promptly refund within 24 hours, any charges within the past 60 days.

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      What our customers are saying

      I’m sorry I got upset when I learned that I would be automatically billed. I thought it was a trick and I was worried because I cannot afford this expense at this time.

      But Matt’s staff were very helpful and professional in helping me cancel this extra expense. I’m sorry, I overreacted.

      Again I apologize for overreacting and I very much appreciate your concern. Thank you very much and best thoughts!

      I can’t believe that there is so much included with the subscription fee for this course.

      I can’t believe that he does it so cheaply. It is more than worth the cost of the course.

      You ask him for a meal 🥘 to help you with your health and sexual problems and Matt lays out a banquet.

      I never would have believed that the subscription cost includes so much. Latterly, everything in the course.

      One or two items would be more than enough for your money, but this is practically limitless.

      Matt’s one goal is to create a race of Super Men and Lovers. I highly recommend his subscription Men’s health and sexual course to all men.

      Matt, Your discussions are absolutely AWESOME!

      You being honest and open to your past personal mistakes ‘highlights’ your examples!!

      I have NEVER seen such an open discussion, of such intimate things… in all of my 81 years!!


      How Matt Cook is helping men

      Matt Cook assists men and couples with problems with health and lifestyle.

      Matt has been married for over 35 years and has a team of 18 health researchers.

      Matt helps people avoid the “medical rathole” with his Transformations and courses and books.

      He has over 500,000 newsletter subscribers and is widely quoted. He was interviewed by ABC News.

      Recent protocols help men deal with issues like male health, acid reflux, T issues, and much more.